Breanna Sensmeier


Breanna is a vibrant, ambitious, and warmhearted performing artist seeking opportunities to create, share, learn, and inspire. After living in 7 different states and graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre from The University of The Arts, Breanna has made New York City her home base!

 K. Mulligan Photography

K. Mulligan Photography

From her toddler days, it was apparent that Breanna was destined for the stage; whether it was humming--er--mumbling along with the radio from her carseat, standing on a table in McDonalds and singing Happy Birthday at the top of her lungs for her great grandmother, or participating in the school talent show tweeting away covered in feathers for Rockin' Robin (yep, that's me in the feathers over there...what an outfit!).

By 5th grade, Breanna knew she wanted to be a performing artist. Fast forwarding through her awkward middle school years, Breanna was accepted into Pebblebrook High School's Performing Arts magnet program in Mableton, GA. After moving to Arizona, Breanna continued her journey by attending the beautiful University of Arizona as a musical theatre major. Although the desert finally started to feel like home, Breanna decided to enhance her training even further and transferred to become a city-dweller at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Three wonderful years in Philly and one BFA in musical theatre later, she was off to begin her life as a working artist

Most recently, Breanna was seen as a mainstage performer aboard Disney Cruise Line. 

Offstage, Breanna enjoys playing with puppies, hiking, digging into God's word each week with her small group, taking pictures of any sunset she can capture, singing cover songs with her Fiance, picnicking in the park, working out, attending concerts, and finding the best new sparkly accessory to add to her wardrobe.